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There's things about me you just have to know...
This is Rumbi, my new bed buddy!!

So here's a little of Danny and I bowling, I love the way he moves when he does it, he's sooo good!!


Like my balls? ;) This is the lightest house ball there, so I always take it when we go!



I don't know where the ball is in this picture... probably the gutter!! I feel so silly in my shoes! Dan and I think we're going to get me my own pair of bowling shoes soon, Dan already has some!

So Pokemon regionals was this weekend! I thought I was going to have way more photos than I do though, which makes me really sad. A dad that plays, and a good friend of mine, Hanaan, took some really great photos though, so I tagged them in at the end! Overall it was a great event, I ran league on Friday ngiht, Then judged the juniors Saturday, the Masters top 16 and 8 on Sunday, and then judged the top cut for a fun tournament we ran at the same time to "Win Tom Shea's DS" which turned out to be "Win Tom Shea's money" ha! And, to top it all off, Tiffany, starpowerrr, won the tournament, so I got to hang out the whole time at her table! I was running around so much I didn't get to get my camera out that often! Boo! Anyway, here's the pics!!




Love this photo of me!!


Other than that life's been pretty hectic. I have quite a few papers due this week, I need to just get motivated and get them done, plus I'm picking up a lot of hours. But Friday is Dan's birthday, so that will be fun!! I need to get together all of his presents, he's so damn hard to shop for!! Tomorrow he's going to let me borrow Dragon Ball Z, season 1, and I am so excited. We watched a Dragon Ball movie the other night, and I am in love with the story, my favorite character is Piccolo!! (sp?). Plus, today at Newbury Comics I got the first Inuyasha movie for Dan to watch, since he's never seen it! I'm starting to watch all of the old anime I used to love in high school, and it's making me so happy! Does anyone remember Paranoia Agent?

Well, goodnight guys! At least, for you, since I'll be up doing papers for my 8am class tomorrow....

And I do have a Formspring! I used to just use it to post on my friends' pages and stuff, but here it is!

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Do they give you that red jacket to judge the Pokemon tournament in? You look very cute & I think red is definitely your color! :)

I know how you feel about your papers - I am in my exam period and I feel like I have run out of time to study! I have 2 exams on Wednesday, one at 9 and then one at 7pm! I wish you the best of luck with finishing up your assignments! :D

ps. I used to like Dragon Ball Z when Goku had the monkey tail! When they grew up and started to fight more I stopped watching but I like the games they put out on the Wii.

It's a polo, but i really don't like it. It's a men's medium, and it says "Staff" on it, instead of "judge". It was fine for this tournament, but usually we're in card stores, and they thing I'm an employee and not with the event, which is annoying. I've made quite a few of my own shirts in the past, but the head judge doesn't like them, so whatever! Thank you though, I did what I could with it!!

Thanks so much! I actually feel a little relaxed because I have all day Wednesday, until 1 when I have to work to get them done!

I've never played the games, Dan said they were all fighting and none of them were RPG's, am I wrong? I like the fighting, to an extent, and like I said, I adore Piccolo, but I don't know a whole lot about the series yet!

Oh! I think you wore it very well, all things considering. They send men's shirts to my work as well and I always feel like I am swimming in them! It sucks they won't let you wear what you make but I guess I can see why (I am assuming all the judges have to wear the polos?)

Yeah the games I played were both fighting. I didn't really try the story mode because I was playing with other people. The fighting is fun, it isn't like Street Fighter so you can roam freely through the lands! It is pretty cool!

I liked Piccolo a lot when I used to watch the series! The fighting in the show just went over my head though :( I didn't understand all the different kinds of sayians!

yeah, Dan was explaining it, I hope I can catch on!! And if you can see above, there's a man who has a shirt that says 'JUDGE', that's from Nationals given out by TCPi(Pokemon) which I've never done, so I don't have one. But one of the female judges just wears a black shirt and black cardigan, and no one complains. It's ALL politics in the judging world right now....

Oh oh, sounds like there is some drama in the Pokemon judging world!

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There's like, nine of them! I want to get them all, they're sooo cute! Last night I got a little blue one that's smaller than all of the others and has a pink bow in her hair!

Hi! Found you through some mutual friends ◕ ◡ ◕ may I be added?

Maaaaan I need to bowl more. I go occasionally with my boyfriend and his family but they are all sooooooo much better than me haha. I can't tell from the photos you posted but were you using bumpers? I wish we used bumpers because I send them straight into the gutter lol

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