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Yesterday Danny came home with this adorable Amanda Visell Jackalope!! He's so cute and soft, I'm so happy with it! It was taken from one of the blind box toys in her Tic Toc Apocalypse series. He's so soft and fluffy, way more cuddley than I expected, AND he can stand upright on his back legs! He's your only protection against renegade robots, you know!


This is my favorite shirt, it's marvel and tokidoki, which makes me so happy because Dan is a hardcore Spiderman fan, and I looove Bastardino. A perfect match!!


For my Brit Lit class I had to read "Heart of Darkness" by Joseph Conrad. I really liked it, although it has very racist tones. Please don't take that the wrong way though! I didn't like the way the main character, a white man, described the Africans (I should tell you, the whole book is about when the Europeans were first colonizing Africa). It really upset me learning about the mindset of the Europeans and the many ways the Africans were treated, both by the colonizers and by their countrymen. What I did like was being exposed to how horrible things were. I've learned a lot in history but this was never a subject that my teachers went into much detail on, and I appreciate what I know now. I also really enjoyed Conrad's writing style. If it had been about anything else, I think I would have loved the book. My classmates and I were discussing that if it had been about aliens, or something foreign to us, it probably would be on all of our favorite book lists, which in a way makes it even worse. One girl said "it's like serving a poison in a cup of wine, with a smile". Anyway, for my paper I need to write about it and "parody" it, which I really disagree with on part of my teacher. I don't understand why he would want us to make something so devastating funny? Anyway, I plan on merging the story with Alice in Wonderland, because it's the best I can some up with. I'm going to write like the main character is going into Wonderland and trying to colonize, because I can't see myself using the current setting... Anyway, after Heart of Darkness we read Chinua Achebe's "Things Fall Apart". I liked the book much more for it's subject matter, but the writing style wasn't as mesmerizing to me. It was the African's perspective form the Europeans coming in, and it was much more touching. It was interesting though, that all of the things Achebe accused Conrad of doing in his book, Achebe did the exact opposite... You'd have to read them I guess to know, sorry for the long book report!!

This weekend is the first Pokemon prerelease! I am so excited! I am judging Sunday, but I'll still get some cards, and Dan will get some, plus I might draft. I'm really hoping to get the new Crobat Prime!!!

I started playing a new deck tonight, and I really love it!! It was pretty popular a while back, but no one's playing it anymore, and it really beats one of the biggest metagames; Jumpluff! It's Palkia lock, and I think it's so much better now that you can play it with Garchomp! Both x's can snipe for 80, plus Palikia has a power that lowers both player's benches to 3, every turn, into the Lost Zone (out of play)! It's so good, because I can bench pokemon for their powers and then cump them right away for the pokemon I need! I really love it, but I've only gotten to play against Danny with it. I'm going to see Tiffany and Matt on Sunday at the prerelease and then go over their house, I'm hoping to test play against some different decks!!


I'll leave you with a beautiful picture of Daniel and I, gatta work at 7! D: Goodnight!!


*** Okay guys, just kidding, Livejournal was being dumb and not letting me post, so it's no longer Goodnight but Goodmorning!!***

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aww! that Jackalope is so cute! out of all of Amanda Visell little cuties that was the best one to pick for a stuffy! you and danny look cute as always! :3

haha, tell me something I don't know!

Hooray jackalopes!

Goshhh I remember reading Heart of Darkness and Things Fall Apart back in the dayyyy. I think it was 10th grade English. D: I actually saw Things Fall Apart at the bookstore the other day and thought about picking it up again!

I really liked Heart of Darkness, I just feel awful saying so! It's for the writing, NOT for the content!!

Aw don't feel awful! You can appreciate plenty of literary portrayals without agreeing with the content!

You are seriously the cutest thing ever, and I LOVE Jackalopes so seeing that stuffy made me smile! So cute!

Aw, thank you! It's my favorite cuddle bug!

You look like you have QUITE THE COLLECTION OF GOODIES behind you in that first photo I'm major jealous ! I do have that tokidoki kitty in the blue cactus suit hehe

Aw, thanks! I think it's safe to say I'm addicted!

You are so pretty! I love your hair colour ♡ and that TokiDoki shirt looks really cute too. So jealous that you're going to the pre-release, aaaah!

It was a lot of fun!! <3 And thank you!!

hello :) would you like to be friends?! we have some mutual friends so i thought i'd add ya. my name is jen :)

Yay the shirt finally came in? (rarely used LJ but been using it more for writing. Since Tumblr doesn't seem to be about that sort of none sense :P

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