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Hey everyone! So... as i was uploading for this I realized I don't really have any cute pictures for you guys today, so I decided to start with this one, from like a year ago. I took it at 6 Flags, and it makes me want to go so badly. I've been out of school for a few weeks now, and I'm excited to start doing "summery" things, like going to theme parks, the beach, picnics, even the movies! I'm hoping next weekend Danny, Tiff, Matt and Andrew (oh, and me!) can all go to Canobie Lake. I think it'll be less packed there, so more fun. I'm scared death of one of the rides there, ever since I was little. It's called the Mine of the Lost Souls, and I don't think I've ever been through it with my eyes open the entire time! =O Maybe this year will be the year!


I actually just googled this image of the outside of it, it makes me nervous just looking at it! I really really reaaaaaally hope we get to go though! :D

In other news! I came in SECOND place Saturday! Second place! These past battle roads are the first time I've actually been playing and not judging since last year at regionals (April). I'm happy I've gotten the chance to play a little more, it's a lot of fun, and I've been doing so good! I've come in 5th twice, 8th twice, 6th once, and now 2nd! AND as I'm sure many of you read on Tiff's page, I made suuuuch a bad mistake. I had to switch out 4 energy cards that count as 2 energy, for 4 that only count as 1 energy. Epic fail. But I still beat out Matt in top 4 (sorry Matt!) but I was just too slow in the top 2. That, and having my deck changed on me, I think in my head I changed my tactics, which isn't the best idea. :/


This is my baby that helped me through it all!! I don't think he'll be playable next season though, and it makes me sooo sad.

So I've had basically all week off! I came home from the tournament Sunday, and I don't have to work again until tomorrow! Monday night my cousin went into emergency surgery because a disk popped out of his back, but he's doing much better now! It was scary, because he's a diabetic, and they couldn't get his blood sugar back up to where it should be, but he's all better now! Thank goodness! So, since we had the house to ourselves Monday night, I cooked Danny dinner while he booked hotels online. We're going on a road trip to New Jersey for a car race, and then spending the weekend in Pennsylvania, where I used to go to school. I'm so excited for it, I want to start packing now!! Anyway, here's the din!


Chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, stuffing, and graaaavy! It was so yummy, I was proud of myself! This is my favorite type of meal!


I've also been making jewelery again! I used to make jewelery so often when I was in high school, and I would do craft fairs and stuff. One time I made almost $500! I made some to send to my aunt's work for her to sell, and Dan's mom offered to sell some at her work too! Hello, extra cash! :3

I turned this:

Into this!

I feel like I've been writing forever, but here's a quick picture of the birds I talked about in my last post! Mama ended up having three babies, and they've all flown away now!


So this weekend should be fun. Danny and I want to go to the movies, and maybe bowling tonight. Saturday we're going out for breakfast, and Sunday we decided to do something fun, but we don't know what yet. I'm trying to ignore the fact that it's fathers day, but my family's having some big cook out that night. Anyway, here's a bunch of crazy photos from last night on my webcam for y'all! I'll be back to write tomorrow or Sunday!







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Aaaah you are so good at Pokemon TCG! That is AWESOME. I only collect cards but maybe one day I'll learn how to play. I really love your Palkia Lv. X. And cute pictures, you are so pretty!

Aw, thanks so much! I usually judge, so when I play it's a real treat to find out how well I can do!! :p I think Tiff and I might do a demo of some sort?

i love Canobie Lake.
that ride you're talking about isn't scary at all, don't worry. <3
i go on it every single time i go to Canobie Lake.

Ah! I go on it all the time, but I never keep my eyes open! Once you go through the cave with the dwarfs and the water sprinkles on you I get way too scared! :p

(Deleted comment)
I hope so too, but I think 6 flags will have to be later in the summer! :( Boo, nothing like Disney! <3<3<3

congrats on second place! <3

and my boyfriend and i have been waitingggg until we have some extra cash to hit up wet n wild (its only thirty minutes away!)
i know you feel, lady.

Thanks1 I was soooo damn excited that day! :3

*i know how you feel.

dont know how i messed that one up xD hahaha.

and btw, that mine of lost souls ride looks AWESOME.

(Deleted comment)
But it scares me soooo much! D: And the dove have flown away, for good i think. :'( I hope they lay eggs again next year!

You look adorable in those pictures with Dan! :)

That ride does look really scary and I am a big chicken but you should try it! Maybe it won't be as bad as you think it will be!

I think it's just because I was so scared when I was little, it never really went away!

It looks like Screamers! I don't know if you have them there but they are haunted houses that are also mazes! I have never gone into one because I am terrified! They have people dressed in costumes who chase you around in the dark! :(

We have similar things to that, I live in a very rural area, so we have a place called the Haunted Cornfield. Hah, I've only been once!

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