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Naked and Tons of Opinions!
Hello everyone!! Danny says goodnight!! <3


Not a whole lot has gone on, I've been working a shit-ton of hours, which really stinks, but at least I'm making money before my big trip, yay! So, I was pretty sick with allergies last week, and I wanted a 'healthy' juice to make me feel better, and I picked up this drink called "Naked". It's a brand of all natural fruit smoothies, without preservatives or anything. It's really yummy, and I like the fact that the back of the drink tells you everything that's in it. I was wondering though if any of you have tried it, and if you know anything more about it? Is it really all that healthy and natural? Do any of you like it, or particular flavors? :3 Yummm!



I was also wondering your opinions on my eye makeup? I did it differently today, and I like it because I used a liquid eyeliner, so it didn't melt on my face in this crazy heat! It's been a big problem, because I usually use a crayon-type eyeliner. the only things I didn't like was that it didn't look as black as my older eyeliner, and I was very comfortable doing my bottom lids with the crayon, but not so much with the liquid, opinions?




I went to go see Toy Story 3 yesterday, and Danny took me out to dinner! I got the fisherman's platter, a virgin mohito, and potato skins! Potato skins might be my favorite food of all time!! <3 I loved the movie too! I have a secret for all of you! After I saw that babyface thing in the first movie, I stopped watching it and never even saw the second one! :X But now that I've seen the third one(and the baby in this one scared the fuck out of me too) I'm inspired to watch the others all the way through! I think my favorite toys are the little aliens "a claw!!" :3 It made me think of all my crazy toys on my shelves and what they must be like! I think my giant Thumper would be the "ruler" but who knows! :p

One more thing I wanted your opinions on was doing video logs. I took the pictures for today with my webcam, and I contemplated just making a video, but I'm not that great with the internet/ uploading stuff, and I think it might take me a while. And I'd have to make a youtube account, right? Anyway, if any of you would actually watch it, let me know, and if it's enough people maybe I'll do that next time instead? Haha, mayyyybe?

I can not wait to go to Pennsylvania. It's two weeks away, but it's all I've been thinking about! I can't wait to start packing!! Eee! When it gets close, maybe I'll take votes on outfits! <3 Guh, I'm so excited, I really CAN NOT WAIT. Danny and I decided to jam-pack our weekend by adding the Philadelphia Zoo to the itinerary for Saturday morning/ afternoon! It makes the entire mini-vacation sooo much better!!


~ Last note: I've gotten a lot of friend adds lately, but I haven't added you back. That's because I'm not sure if you want to be reading my blog, or if you're just showing me yours? If you want me to add you, just let me know, either in this entry or my friends entry! Thanks!!

Have a great night everyone!!

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Hi! I added you not too long ago and would love to read your seem like a really interesting person. :) Care to add me back?

I'm addicted to Naked type juices! Have you tried Mighty Mango? That's my favorite, I think it's the best one. By reading the nutrition information, it doesn't have a lot of fiber in it and has a lot of natural sugars, since there's so many fruits used to make them. But they are much more healthy than soda that's for sure, and you need those natural sugars! You can also buy packs of 10 of Odwalla juice at Costco for $10, and they taste just as good and have less sugar and calories I think.

And about the vlogs, I would definitely watch. I love watching them. It may take some time, but once in a while it could be fun. It's really easy to make a youtube account, too. I don't have my viewers of my blog on here, but I love doing it anyway. You should try just to see if you like it!

I meant " I don't have MANY viewers on my blog" by the way :)

Awh! Haha, I was going to say, I read your blog a lot! <3 I'm not really sure which ones I've tried, they're all so sweet! I tried the two I photographed, plus the berry berry one, I think my favorite is the green one! Haha, everyone at work made fun of me though for drinking grass!:p

How sweet :) My friends list is slowly growing! I always wonder if people are secretly bored or annoyed with my blogs...but you and I both kind of have a similar style, and I love reading your blogs! So I guess I'm okay! Haha I know right? It looked like puke when I first saw it but I love it now too!

(Deleted comment)
I'm wondering if a mix of liquid on top, crayon on bottom might be the right combination? Maybe I'll try that tomorrow! Haha, and I think I might be addicted to them now!

I loooooooooooove liquid eyeliner SO much because it never melts away! You look fantastic in your pictures! I never tried putting it on my bottom lids though because I wasn't sure if I could or not?

That juice looks yummy! I hope you have fun on your vacation! I love zoos so I am pretty jealous you are going to one even though I went already this year!

Supposedly this one is pretty big. Roger Williams is pretty close to me, and this one is supposed to trump that one by far! I haven't been in about five years, and don't really remember it, so I hope it's as good as I'm thinking!! And yeah, I was having a big, embarrassing problem with the heat + my eyeliner lately! :p

My eyeliner always used to melt off my face and I never knew why! I would come home and it would look SO bad and I would feel so embarrassed! Liquid eyeliner barely smudges and even when it does it is not noticeable at all!

The Toronto Zoo is the third largest in the world! I think the largest is in Berlin. I go to the zoo once a year & have been since 3 years ago! My boyfriend doesn't enjoy it as much but he knows I look forward to it every summer & that is why he always takes me! I love to read about the animals, and read about what the zoo does to help the environment! Make sure to wear sunscreen & bring lots of water with you! :)

haha, look at me! I ALWAYS wear sunscreen! <3 And Danny probably loves the zoo as much as I do, if not more. He thinks a lot differently than most people, and gets excited about the strangest things. Like the last time we went, he liked watching the sloth move, and how big an anteater is, and the way a flamingo's eyes look. He's my honey! <3

Yay!!! I slathered some on today. I had to! Nick (my bf) likes the tigers and we like to watch the animal feedings/meet the keeper where the animal's keeper will come talk about the animal! Every time we go to the zoo we see the flamingos fighting! Danny seems very observant about little things! Adorable!

Haha he definitely has a different mind. He's just obsessed with how things work, like motors and stuff.

My favorite fancy smoothie drink is Strawberry C Monster

nom nom nom

I would LOVE to see a vlog from you! Yes, yes, yes.

I've never had these, but you're the second person to mention it, so it must be good! I have tons of errands to do tomorrow, so maybe I can find some!!

(Deleted comment)
WOW that is so freaking smart! why have I never heard of this before?? Thank you so much, you genius you!

(Deleted comment)
Wow! Haha, that's kindof gross but kindof amazing to get it for free! :p I'd drink it all the time if I could get some like that!! ;)

naked juice is FANTASTIC, but i find that i like odwalla so much more.

especially odwalla chocolate. mmmm, it is my favorite breakfast <3

and i am like you when it comes to liquid vs crayon.
it really just depends on my mood. crayon is faster, liquid takes a little bit longer, and if i am going to be near humidity and/or water, i stick with waterproof liquid, because the crayon smudges.
you can always rotate :3
i love the way liquid looks though.

also, YES YES YES do a vlog! :D it might just convince me to do one, as well. whenever i have something to say.. lol.

Haha, I'm thinking about trying to do one this weekend, but then I would have to figure out all about how to do it, so we'll see! Dan's great with computers, so he might know how to do it? I'm afraid to look like a spaz though! :P

I tend to only use Mascara and an eye-brown filler ^^; I can't apply eye liner properly it seems! Have you tried just putting a thick enough amount of mascara on your lower and top lashes? But in any case, you look gorgeous no matter what, Meg! ♡
This is what I look like with mascara/eye brow filler: [sorry about it being a gif, lol D:]

haha, watching the gif I was getting a little dizzy trying to stare at your eyes! I used to use just mascara, and I liked it, but I think I like big black eyeliner more! This is me before I used eyeliner:

you're the cutest. :]

i see that naked drink everywhere and a couple of my friends drink it like it's going out of style, but i've only seen the blueberry one and i don't like blueberries. :[ that kiwi and apple one looks good though!
have you tried any other ones?

I've tried a few of them now, and I really love all of them! They're very thick though, and Dan thinks they're gross, so I guess it's different for everyone! The green one is good, but it's a little strange, too, there's like grass, broccoli and garlic in it! I think it's my favorite one though! And thank you!! :3

<3 I'd love to read your journal! add?

Haha omg I could have sworn I asked to add you but apparently not. My memory is so horrible.
Anyhow, we were friends on my old account permastic a while back and I thought I'd add you again. Add?

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