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Friends Cut/Add

I'm working a double tomorrow (8-2 then 3-10) and then Wednesday I'm working 8-2. Wednesday afternoon I plan on uploading a whole ton of pictures from my fun vacation plus some random stuff! I'm going to do a friends cut first though, y'all know how this goes. I'm making this public too, so if anyone wants the add, let me know, because I think most things will be private from now on.

Hope you all had a great weekend too, I need to catch up on you all!! <3


Edit: If I removed anyone by accident, I'm so sorry! Let me know in this post!! <3

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(Deleted comment)
I would like to be added c:

(Deleted comment)
aw, that's not even a question!

please keep me, girly :3

You knew you would be, love! <3

Your bathing suit is so so cute! I hope you had a great vacation :)

Thanks!! Danny literally got it for me right before we left! Thank GOOOODNESSS!!

Cute swim wear is number 1 on my list of travel needs! :P

well, I didnt get removed, that makes me happy...!

well, maybe I did, but it would make me happy if I didnt!

Aw,haha! I didn't know you read anything?

(Deleted comment)
Your bathing suit is really cute!
Also we used to be friends on my old account permastic. Add?

May I be added please? your haircut is super cute btw.

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