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I really need you all right now!! I'm a little upset and very frustrated with my hair lately! PLEASE Tell me cutting my hair off like this is a bad idea... Unless it's not. GUH

What I like:

Me now:

Please help me now!!

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Meg don't do it :(

Really? :/ I keep thinking it would be so much easier....

It would be much easier but if you are anything like me you will miss it when it was gone! I had long hair like yours and cut it super short on a whim and only now has it grown back to the way it was!

Yeah, usually a trim makes me upset... I know in my head it's a bad idea but I kind of want to... eeep.

Maybe just cut it shorter, like to your shoulders or something? Then if you like it you can go shorter but it is still long enough not to do much damage :P

See, that's the thing. When I cut it short two summers ago it was kinda short, and I hate that length on me, I don't think it's cute. I think for hair to be cute on me it would have to be above my shoulders, or long. Which presents the issue that if and when I want to grow my hair back out, it would hit that ugly mid-shoulder phase that I don't like. It's just been long and plain for so long! Plus, I think if I cut it short I'll look a lot older?

Well from what I can see of your face in that picture, the length does look flattering! What is it about your hair you don't like? If it is too thick you can always get it thinned! I always get my hair thinned when I go.

Eh, I think I just want it short and cute and fun... The shorter my hair is, the more it curls on its own, which would be nice! Plus, I think I'd like the change, I just don't know for how long!

you could always get extensions if you want to add some length! I will miss your long hair though, but curls would be so nice.

I don't knowww!! I just love your hair as is so so muuuch!!

I used to have SUPER long hair and then I chopped it all off and cried and cried D; so I'm a little biased about cutting long hair, but I've seen some major transformations that are so beautiful!

And hair always grows back! Have you always had long hair?

I've had long hair forever, even since I was little. I cut it a little shorter like two summers ago, but it would still be considered long! I've never had it above my shoulders except when I was a baby. Every time I get it cut I get really upset and sad, even if it's just a few inches... I just don't know! D:

Awwwh! That would be so tough!

It'd be a nice thing to experience because you never have, but you would miss your hair. <3 My best advice is to wait it out until you have no doubts. I did mine impulsively :o :( :( :(((! eeek!

PS: That makeover site is so addicting ahaa I had to show youu!

Such a tough subject, always!! And I tried the site, it's lagging on me uploading.. might be my connection!

(Deleted comment)
Aw, that's such good advise!! Meh, I don't know what to do! I think in my head I want short hair for the summer, but my long hair back for the fall! Which obviously isn't going to happen!! lol

(Deleted comment)
I tried, but I seriously have so much hair, that doesn't even work! It's rediculously thick, ontop of being so long!

i sort of recently cut my hair off in february. it was as long as yours and i cut it to an a-line shoulder length bob. i miss my long hair sometimes but this is nice for the summer! i read that you don't really want an in-between cut, but maybe try having them cut to your shoulders and if you're feeling braver then tell them to cut more so it's little by little? having short hair was really refreshing for me and i don't regret it one bit. if you keep feeling like cutting it and keep thinking about it then do it! :) here is a before and after pic of my hair for reference:



Aw! You're the first person I think to say I wouldn't regret it! I think yours looks so cute short.. it's so tempting... I'd go even shorter than you did though, I think. Jeez, I just don't know what to do!

By the way, I'm totally loving the Superman attire!!

yeah totally...i say go for it, ESPECIALLY since you said that you've never had it above your shoulders (lurked your comments again, haha)it looks like you and i have somewhat similar textures in our hair (thick and wavyish?) and if it's done right, short haircuts with wavy hair can be so cute!

haha thanks! it was my husbands t shirt and i had matching shorts so i thought, why not?

Honestly I think you'd look cute with that cut but I also think you'll regret chopping your hair off.
Everyone I know who decides to chop off their hair pretty much regrets it, but idk you may be different.

Like I said, you'd look really cute with short hair like that but in the long run you're probably going to wish you didn't but then again if you really wanted to, you could just get extensions if you wanted it long again.

I think I've decided to do it, just for a fresh start! I've never really done it before, and it's been such a hot- headachy summer!!:p

I like the short hair cut, if you want to just do it :3
it's just hair after all it's not as though your going to shave it all off lol :)

I think I am ganna do it!! <3

(Deleted comment)
I think one of the reasons why I want to do it is for lightness/ ease, so pinning doesn't really help that! :P But it is good to look at it, I think I'll miss my long hair terribly, but I think it's time for a change!

GIRL! That cut would be so cute on you!!! You might miss your long hair, but your short hair will be so healthy and cool/easy for summer! I used to have short hair like that and it made life so much more manageable. Long hair is fun, but it can be such a hassle.

Thanks! I totally agree, right now I'm working so much, and it's been so hot, I need some ease in my life!

BAD IDEA!!!! Your hair is so gorgeous! I think you'll regret it! Do updos with your hair with pieces hanging down and see you feel about not having alot of hair.

I feel like with my regular hair it just kind of falls flat anyway, ya know? So I think shorter might give me a little more freedom with it! I decided to cut it, but I think I'll keep it much longer than I originally wanted! Good thing I'm not an impulsive person!!

idk! i had waist length hair for ages and cut it super short recently (it's just about my lips in length now) and i couldn't be happier with it! styling it is so much easier, i don't have to worry about knots or frizz... basically, once i blow dry my hair it's completely fine for days afterwards and i can just roll out of bed and look nice. it's so refreshing! i hated having long hair, though. it was such a hassle and probably not very flattering to my face.
but if you have any doubts, i would wait on it. even if you do cut it off, it's just hair. it grows back~

This is EXACTLY what I'm looking forward to!!

I'm a short-hair girl myself, but I've been trying to grow my hair out for the past year. It finally got past that awkward shoulder-length, but it was such a hassle to dry, style, etc that I ended up just letting it hang there all plain and boring. I never took the time to do anything with it because it was just too much work. So as a graduation present to myself, I cut it all off into an assymetrical cut (one side reaches my chin, the other is a little past my shoulder) and I COULD NOT be happier. I have more time to style it because it doesn't take so long to dry and I can play with the color more because I got the chance to cut off all of my old dead ends. As a result, my hair looks healthier and thicker then it has in a LONG time. And it's BRIGHT, BRIGHT red. I absolutely love it and think you would look AMAZING with short hair. Do is an accessory and it should match the way you feel today.

I know exactly what you mean about that awkward shoulder length, which I want to avoid sooo badly!! I am leaning toward cutting it, but I think it'll be much longer than above!

omg noooo
your hair is PERFECT

Aw, but it just lays there! :(

i'm siding with team "DO IT" because seriously.. it's just hair, and it'll always grow back! i think you'd look adorable with that cut, and even if you end up not liking it at least you'll get rid of your curiosity and know what you like. : ) a shorter cut is also GREAT for the summer, you'll feel like a giant weight (literally) has been lifted off your shoulders.

i also used to have long long hair back in the day, and impulsively cut it similarly to the length in that photo. i ended up keeping a short style for years after that, just because it added so much to my hair (volume, texture) and my overall look. i'm only just now growing it back out!

a fair warning though is that you really have to be aware of your hair type. i have extremely thick hair so it was really difficult for me to match the short styles that i would see in magazines. this is probably self-explanatory but just know that it might not look exactly like the photo you take into the salon.

anyway, it's your decision and i'm sure you'll make it work either way. ♥

That hair type comment really helped, it brought me into perspective! I have very thick and wavy hair, and the shorter it gets the more curls I have, and I think if I cut it as short as in the picture I would have to straighten it every day! I decided to cut it, but longer than in that picture now!

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