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i'm on my way to become a super saiyan....

I have the best breakfast partner ever!!


And the best breakfast!!


So, first off, let me start by saying I know I disappeared for a while. I'm really sorry about this, and I'm so sorry I'm friends with a lot of you and don't post, but I promise I'm going to get at it and start again, I just ended up getting so busy! Wayne and I broke up, mostly because I talked to Dan again. Dan and I tried to start things over, and he has been a complete hero ever since. It's really refreshing; that all of the problems we had are gone. After being with Wayne I really realized that Dan and I weren't just a couple, but we are the best of friends first and foremost. I know a lot of couples say that, but we really are. Life has been amazing and so beautiful since then!! Our typical Sunday is above!

So, do you guys remember hearing about those awful floods that hit Massachusetts? The ones that destroyed the Warwick Mall? Yeah, I lived through that! It was one of the scariest days of my life! I went to school that morning, Tuesday, at 7am. By 12 the campus was closed because of weather warnings, and I had to walk completely across the campus to my car. Great. So I get onto my street and the first house has a small lake on the land. It's flooded so badly it filled the person's garage and was up past the street! Hah, so, silly me, I get home and figure no big deal! Well, at 3 I went to work, and at 10 when I got out everything was underwater, my entire town! I had no way to get home, because every single way included me crossing a small bridge, which I had never thought of before! It was so dark out, and the street lights were blocked by the sheets of rain! Every where I turned the roads were closed due to flooding, and even the major highway was closed. So, what do I do? Pull over and call my family. No service. Pull out my GPS, no service. Finally I drove to a familiar road, which is about 20 minutes normal drive from my house, and found my way to Dan's. Which, might I add, only got a drizzle! So I stayed there for the night, and by morning everything was pumped out/ lit up and I was fine. The bridge that takes me to work was a stone bridge though, from the 1950's, and it collapsed. I have to take a longer way there and back now, and it adds about 40 minutes to my every day! I hope that clears up real soon!! Anyway, here's some photos, keep in mind, this is the Friday after!!


yep, I work about 1/4 of a mile down that road.



So apart from that, I've still been working at CVS and going to school, which is so exhausting and stressful, but my English classes excite me so much, it's worth it! And I just got a second job at a minigolf place near my house, it's all dinosaurs!! My best friend got me a job there, and I'm sooo excited to hang out all day!

I plan on slowly posting about everything I never wrote about these past few months, anything all of you are interested in? Pokemon Regionals is coming up, and I can't wait! I'm judging the entire event, so it's going to be not as fun for me, I'm even helping run a league on Friday just to help out, I guess I can't say no!! A BIG part of me wishes I still got to play, especially seeing all of my friends get excited, and when they hang out and talk, I have to judge. But it is really nice not being competitive/ having to stress about what deck and techs to play. Overall, it'll be a great event! I'm particularly excited to see pampleemousse whom I haven't seen in such a long time, since before her glorious Maine victory! AND my lovely starpowerrr, I feel like we both used to have so much more free time to talk, but now we've gotten so busy, I'll be happy to catch up with her!! I'm going to put Danny on photo-detail since I'll be playing teacher, so we'll see how that goes!!

Anyway, last but not least, here's my newest hobby! I looove bowling, but Danny and I usually only play duck pin, because the balls are so much smaller for my hands!


This is Jessica, she bowl real well.


Danny is like a pro at bowling, and he always *looks* like a bowler the way he moves/stands. I know it's silly, and it definitely doesn't help my bowling, but I always try to step like he does. I think I pay more attention to how I pose that actually throwing the ball!!


I know it looks like I'm going to hit the edge, but I'm "curving" the ball! I swear!!

Well guys, I hope to have more to update for you soon!! Thanks so much for reading, I really appreciate the time!! :D

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You're just the cutest. You also have the happiest breakfast partner ever.

Ha, I think it had something to do with the chocolate milk and the extra helping of pancakes!!

I didn't realize you were so tiny! I loove your hair color!

haa, I am! 5 feet and pushing 90 lbs!! Thanks so much, but I actually just changed it :p

wow you're teeny! I am 5'1 and 100 lbs!

what did you change it to?

A lot redder, I'm going to post it soon once I have the time!

You have wonderful hairrrr!!<3333

and ohmygoodness, I have not gone bowling since New Years eve three years agoooo!

It's so much fun once you learn how to throw the ball! Dan and I do it all the time at this really little place near my house. It's nice because it's quiet and not too many people see me screw up!!

(Deleted comment)
Come up any time!! I just realized you've said that so often, and I don't think I ever told you my door is always open!! I actually have a couch in my room, and it's quite comfy! I get out May 12th, I think, but then I have finals, so by the week after that for sure! I hate it right now because I always think things like "Oh, well I have no school Wednesday so I can go up" but then I realize I still have to work at 3. :/

aww! the picture of you infront of the flood waters is so precious! haha i think dan's need for pancakes on sundays is just his excuse to take you out :3

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